BVC Announces Law of Survival by Kristine Smith

Jani Kilian finally has her life under control. Discharged from the Service, she’s become an important player in negotiations with the alien idomeni.

But when a classified report containing revelations about past crimes comes to light, Jani realizes that old enemies still seek to destroy her.

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BVC Announces Rules of Conflict by Kristine Smith

Rules of Conflict The Jani Kilian Chronicles, Book 2 by Kristine Smith After eighteen years, Captain Jani Kilian’s life as a fugitive has ended. Captured by the Service, she now faces court martial. It will surely lead to her execution. … Continue reading


BVC Announces Code of Conduct by Kristine Smith

Code of Conduct The Jani Kilian Chronicles, Book 1 by Kristine Smith Captain Jani Kilian’s life should have ended in front of a firing squad. Instead, she evaded battlefield justice by dying in a transport crash. End of story, according … Continue reading


BVC Announces Cyber Genius by Patricia Rice

Cyber Genius The Family Genius Mysteries 3 by Patricia Rice Anastasia Devlin is a genius at organizing her eccentric family and her online clients, but she seriously doesn’t have time for playing detective. Then her super-geeky teenage brother Tudor claims … Continue reading