Author Interview: Phyllis Irene Radford

Changing or keeping a pen name is a numbers game. Can the publisher get better publicity and orders from a new name or an old one? I have a lot of YA readers of the dragon books. The marketing department didn’t want young readers exposed to the high sensuality and violence of modern life in the Tess books. Harmony and the sequel Enigma are a spiritual journey with a literary twist in a space opera landscape, unlike anything I have ever written before. Thus a new (pen) name for it as well.

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All Creatures Real and Otherwise: A Familiar’s Promise

Editor’s note: This week’s “critter” post is a special post on music about the Irish wolfhounds in Irene Radford’s Merlin’s Descendants series. I’m not certain when I fell I love with Irish Wolfhounds.  It might have been the day a … Continue reading