Author Interview: Sarah Zettel

Meet founding member of Book View Café author Sarah Zettel, who writes in multiple genres with multiple pen names. She’s writing everything from hard SF as C.L. Anderson through fantasy and paranormal mystery as Sarah Zettel. Zettel also writes sensuous Regency Romance as Marissa Day, as well as Steampunk and YA. She served as Managing Director of Book View Cafe during its birth pains and first expansion into cooperative publishing. Here’s her take on the beginning.

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The Surrender of Lady Jane by Marissa Day in Stores Today!

Giving in to the pleasure… Centuries ago, Sir Thomas Lynne was seduced by the faery queen Tatiana. He does her bidding while Tatiana’s magic keeps him young. Now she orders him to gain entrance to Kensington Palace, where he’s to … Continue reading