BVC Announces Evergreen by Marissa Doyle

Evergreen by Marissa Doyle A deadly power walks the forest…but a worse one stalks her. It’s 1901–a brave new century–and seventeen-year-old Grace Boisvert thinks it’s high time to forget that she’s a dryad; being able to talk to trees just … Continue reading


Practical Magic

Arthur C. Clarke posited long ago that any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I’d like to turn that aphorism on its head and suggest that any significantly advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology. Simply put, the magic of … Continue reading


BVC Announces The Queen and The Tower, by Shannon Page

Calendula Isadora (Callie) is an uncommonly powerful witch with a mind for science. But her independent ways run afoul of her San Francisco coven house, especially when she creates life in the form of a massive golem. And her unseemly affection for her human boyfriend? Such things are simply not done among respectable witchkind.

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