Why We Read Fiction, a review

I just finished this dandy volume by Lisa Zunshine, Why We Read Fiction: Theory of Mind and the Novel. It’s readable, makes a lot of sense, and in Kindle ebook format it is FREE. Writers, go get it.

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What’s in a Word? Persuasive Rhetoric in Fact and Fiction

The words we choose to use when we speak and write can bring people joy or sorrow, can make them angry or calm them down, can lead to understanding or conflict.  They can excite, amuse, enthrall, and/or inform.  A single … Continue reading


Mountains of the Mind by Gillian Polack

Mountains of the Mind Gillian Polack Shooting Star Press Australia A new collection from BVC member Gillian Polack: Mountains of the Mind – A Polack Retrospective contains never before published early work from Dr Polack, prizewinning published pieces and brand new … Continue reading


Nevertheless, She Filed Her Taxes on Time

One of the things I love about the way the fantasy genre has evolved in the new millennium is how it plays with its tropes. Every genre has them, and cherishes them. Tropes are what make a genre what it … Continue reading