BVC Announces Twin Genius by Patricia Rice

It’s Christmas in D.C., and rookie multimillionaire Anastasia Devlin is given the greatest gift of all — the arrival of her long-lost South African twin siblings, Juliana and Alexander. Of course, instead of gifts, the twins come bearing trouble that even the family’s new fortune can’t fix.

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BVC Announces Cyber Genius by Patricia Rice

Cyber Genius The Family Genius Mysteries 3 by Patricia Rice Anastasia Devlin is a genius at organizing her eccentric family and her online clients, but she seriously doesn’t have time for playing detective. Then her super-geeky teenage brother Tudor claims … Continue reading


BVC Announces Formidable Lord Quentin by Patricia Rice

Formidable Lord Quentin Rebellious Sons 4 by Patricia Rice He’s a tradesman; she’s a marchioness. They have only one thing in common…. Having married once out of desperation, the Virgin Widow Lady Belden has no intention of giving up her … Continue reading