Dang, It’s Great to Be Here!

Today marks my book launch at Book View Café, and I’m excited! It’s great to join this cool and many-talented bunch of writers. In celebration, I’m making this the premier release of my first-ever short story collection, Reality and Other … Continue reading


Weird and Wonderful: Digital Book World and Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

So I’m tweeting along, minding my own business, when up pops a very nice tweet from @glecharles about how Book View Café is getting epublishing right. How wonderful! And weird. Who @glecharles is, I can’t remember. I’ve always enjoyed his … Continue reading


All Things Weird and Wonderful: The Squattable Apple Nanopod

I love weird things and I’m going to write about them. Hopefully every Tuesday right here at BVC. But only if they’re wonderful. By that I mean, not negative. Most people, having limited imagination, think weird implies some sort of … Continue reading


Casting Starfarers

Starfarers had a unique genesis.

A local sf convention had asked me to be on a panel about television science fiction. At first I was tempted to decline, because the panel always has the same structure: Somebody whips out a list of all the tv sf from the past 20 years and reads the titles and everybody agrees how terrible they all were. (Keep in mind that this panel was before some recent pretty good television sf came on.)

And then I thought, What if…

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