Hold Onto the Light: Smile, Honey!

What do these two exhortations have in common? “Smile! And the world will smile right back.” “If you don’t stop pouting I’ll give you something to pout about.” Yep, in both cases, whoever is being spoken to is not happy. … Continue reading


Arting Anyway

I am not a visual artist. I appreciate the hell out of the form, but – as I’ve often said – I can’t even draw a straight line if you gave me a ruler and four tries. But after my attempt to pick up a non-keyboard, non-wording hobby ended in disaster (for the record, knitting is not restful for the wrists), I decided what the hell…

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Writing Life: Putting It into Words

Ursula LeGuin has said that the writer’s job is to “put into words what cannot be put into words.”  Writers of fiction—mainstream, horror, magic realism and fantasy as well as science fiction—have cheerfully (or not so cheerfully) accepted this job … Continue reading



I’ve always wanted to write about a mad librarian. Well, that’s probably a lie, but it’s hard to tell since I lie for a living. I’ve always admired librarians and wished I could spend my days surrounded by books—except librarians … Continue reading