BVC Announces Orcas Illusion by Laura Gayle

Orcas Illusion The Chameleon Chronicles 4 by Laura Gayle CAMILLE TATE HAS FINALLY FOUND HER STRIDE… …but is it all an illusion? … Continue reading


BVC Announces Orcas Intruder by Laura Gayle

After all the intrigue of the last few weeks, Camille Tate just wants to have a quiet Thanksgiving weekend with her family at her new home on Orcas Island. But when her next-door neighbor Lisa’s home is broken into and ransacked, Cam realizes the intrigue is far from over.

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Goths, Poe, and Canyon Road: A Masquerade of Muertos by Patrice Greenwood

Halloween in Santa Fe means sugar skulls, pan de muerto, and a Goth Masquerade at the Wisteria Tearoom. Fans of Edgar Allen Poe will especially enjoy Patrice Greenwood’s latest mystery. Despite her desire to make the Wisteria Tearoom a haven … Continue reading