Surrendering to chocolate

My love affair with chocolate has undergone many twists and upgrades. When I was nine, I got a 25-cent allowance every week. I could spend this at the five-and-dime store (that’s how old I am), selecting from a dizzying array of sweets for 3 cents apiece. When they went up to 4 cents, I was appalled. When they hit a nickel, I decided I couldn’t afford chocolate anymore.

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The Lesbian Chocolate Sex Scene, or Life With Exordium

Among the joys of living with a fellow writer (in this case, my husband, Dave Trowbridge) are the unexpected things that come up during dinner conversation. “How was your day, dear?” “Splendid! The lesbian chocolate sex scene works better than … Continue reading


Toward a Grand Unified Theory of Food Bugs

by Vonda N. McIntyre Here’s a question I’ve been asking for a while: In the pre-Columbian Eastern hemisphere, what we used to call in geography class “The Old World,” most of the staple foods are based on the action of … Continue reading