Artist in Residence Quarantine Diaries Episode 13: Cat-astrophe

Friday, August 28. It begins. This is what I wrote, on Saturday: “One minute he was fine. The next minute he was “talking” rather more than usual. The minute after that, he was yowling in pain. And it was midnight. … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer Explores More Greek Islands, Part 19: A Village on Nisyros

After exploring the island’s active volcanic caldera, Thor and I cool off in the shady lanes of Mandraki village. NOTE: Since our recent trip to Greece to research more settings for my novel-in-progress, THE ARIADNE DISCONNECT, Thor and I knew … Continue reading


Help me finish a book

Ten years ago, the axis of the Earth changed its tilt. The air warmed. All the glacial and polar ice melted. Water filled the land and pushed the people further and further inland. What were once coastal mountains are now islands. What were once fertile valleys are now ocean bays. Humanity is reduced to scattered self-sufficient villages. Their numbers reduced toa tiny fraction of a small fraction of the once teeming masses.

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