Story Excerpt Sunday: From “Nimuë’s Tale” by Madeleine Robins in Beyond Grimm

Nimuë’s Tale by Madeleine Robins from the BVC anthology, Beyond Grimm edited by Deborah J. Ross and Phyllis Irene Radford One who plays with time barely notices its passing. The green of the forest trembled on the verge of autumn … Continue reading


Editor Interview: Deborah J. Ross

“I first started thinking about editing during the years when I’d visit Marion Zimmer Bradley on a regular basis. I helped read slush for her magazine (MZB’s Fantasy Magazine) and we’d talk. I got a “behind the scenes” look at what she looked for and why, and how she handled rejection letters. She taught me that the work of an editor isn’t mysterious, in part because her own tastes were so definite. A story could be perfectly good but not suit the anthology or magazine she was reading for, or might do both but not “catch fire” for her.”

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