The Creative Revolution: Part 4 of The Business of Books

Everyone is familiar with the “Industrial Revolution.” In the past 500 years there have been five official “revolutions” that have changed the way people live. (1600–1740) Financial-agricultural revolution (1780–1840) Industrial revolution (1880–1920) Technical revolution (or Second Industrial Revolution) (1940–1970) Scientific-technical … Continue reading


Author Interview: Amy Sterling Casil

Writer Amy Sterling Casil is simultaneously the most forthright and most deceptive person you may ever read. Casil is someone who can make exquisite art and teach a room full of people to start thinking. Casil is also a former child who “dug the wires out of Barbie’s legs and popped off her head, much to my dismay when I realized that head was never going to be quite right ever again even with ample glue and child-like blow-torching.”

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Writing, Obsession, and Velveteen Moments

Several of us Book View Café “staffers” were discussing why we write. Specifically, Amy Sterling Casil wondered aloud (as it were) if we wrote because we had that certain type of experience that caused us to sit up and take note, … Continue reading