BVC Announces Slacker Demons Omnibus by Jennifer Stevenson

Slacker Demons Omnibus Three complete novels by Jennifer Stevenson Five guys are living in a man-lair, all hot, all ex-gods, now all sex demons working for hell, all this close to getting fired because, although they’re good at meeting women, … Continue reading


BVC Announces Coed Demon Sluts: Omnibus by Jennifer Stevenson

This series of feminist women’s fiction novels features shoes and shopping, massive quantities of food and controlled substances, all-girl hot tubbing, riot-grrl rage, rollicking, revenge, renewal, and rejoicing. Six women find out what they’re made of by making themselves into something totally other.

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BVC Announces Walking on Sunshine by Jennifer Stevenson

Walking on Sunshine A Slacker Demons Novel by Jennifer Stevenson A rock starlet whose biological clock is ticking… An ancient sex demon under orders to make a goddess out of the starlet… A precocious Parisian teen with a bottomless bank … Continue reading