The Writing Life: Alien Eyes (Exercises in Creativity)

Last time, I promised some exercises in creativity. I’ve got several that I use to spark ideas and what makes them extra cool is that they don’t take much time or money.  You can do any one of them in … Continue reading


Hollywood: Too Original For Me!

What if Avatar is the most original movie that came out recently, and will come out this year? I could be right, and that could be the most epic fail of all. Even if the critics are this retarded, eventually audiences are going to say, “Wait a minute – didn’t I see that before, and wasn’t it better – the first time?”

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The WisCon Chronicles – WisCon 33

Every year Aqueduct Press produces a volume covering the WisCon for the previous year. Timmi Duchamp has asked me to edit the 4th WisCon Chronicles, covering WisCon 33. It’s an honour, if also a very large responsibility! I will be blogging … Continue reading