Three Things to Tell Your Teenage Writing Self: #1 Don’t bite the basketball

What worried me, as my teenage writer self set out to write my 150 novels, was that that was a lot of books. … So the first advice I would give that kid, speaking from my dizzying height of twenty novels published and five series is this: Don’t bite the basketball.

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Closing the Circle: A Significant Anniversary

Once upon a time, many years ago… I wrote a novel. At the time, I was very young, very green as a writer, full of the passions of creation. I was also studying for my MSc in Molecular Biology… and … Continue reading


The “Tiny Dark Closet” Phase of Writing a Novel

Last summer, I got stuck in the novel I was writing. It had all been going so well, for quite a while there. That is, after the first few months of the pandemic, which distracted me so badly I couldn’t … Continue reading