Writers vs Truthers: Time, Freeze Frames, Connections and Back Story

This article was originally written in 2014. I repeated it two years ago when the name Parkland joined Newtown, Las Vegas, and Columbine in fame. Now we are faced with a different sort of epidemic, but conspiracy theories still abound. The … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer Returns to Crete, part 20: The Minoan Earth Goddess

Treasures in the Iraklion Museum of Archaeology illustrate the story of the ancient goddess of nature and fertility. NOTE: Of course, Thor and I had to make another trip to Greece, as he’s fallen as much in love with the … Continue reading


Superheroes, arise…

From small things do bigger things grow — cubs into lions, acorns into oaks, ideas into stories and then collections of stories and then worlds. Some time ago a friend tossed me an idea “challenge” — a story about a … Continue reading


Why We Read Fiction, a review

I just finished this dandy volume by Lisa Zunshine, Why We Read Fiction: Theory of Mind and the Novel. It’s readable, makes a lot of sense, and in Kindle ebook format it is FREE. Writers, go get it.

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