The Things People Say: Sentence-like Sequences of Words

Today, communication fans, I’d like to dismantle four sentence-like sequences of words that have something in common: muddled meanings caused by a poor (or possibly clever) choice of words. Who said them and with what intent is irrelevant to the … Continue reading


Three Things to Tell Your Teenage Writing Self: #1 Don’t bite the basketball

What worried me, as my teenage writer self set out to write my 150 novels, was that that was a lot of books. … So the first advice I would give that kid, speaking from my dizzying height of twenty novels published and five series is this: Don’t bite the basketball.

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The Romance of the Regency: Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and Silver Fork Novels

I discovered Georgette Heyer in high school, after reading an entire issue of the fanzine Niekas devoted to it, somewhere around 1967-8. At that time I hadn’t yet read Jane Austen, though I’d loved historical novels ever since I checked … Continue reading


My Muse is Heading For Palm Springs For The Winter

We all have those days when you stare at the computer screen for hours and anything you try to type looks like Old High Marsian. My muse is on walkabout. Mental exhaustion I tell myself when this happens. Too many … Continue reading