Write Hacks 11: When your notes get too long

My latest write hack, when I find a movenot running long, is to break it up into summary bullet points and put the bullet points at the top of the file. That way I don’t have to read every movenot to the end looking for that great idea about Amanda being an army brat and how I fleshed it out to the tune of 25K worth of notes.

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Ceci N’est Pas une Phone.

A day in the company of other people (either virtually or mundanely) does not pass without someone making an observation about people being on their devices—chiefly their smartphones. We get comments in restaurants while awaiting our order, on public transit, … Continue reading


The Cat’s Still Alive (and Dead)! — Schrödinger Sessions

Not really Schrödinger’s cat, but she is in a box. I’ve just come back from an incredible weekend at the Schrödinger Sessions: Science for Science Fiction, at the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland, near Washington, D.C. The … Continue reading