BVC Announces Slacker Demons Omnibus by Jennifer Stevenson

Slacker Demons Omnibus Three complete novels by Jennifer Stevenson Five guys are living in a man-lair, all hot, all ex-gods, now all sex demons working for hell, all this close to getting fired because, although they’re good at meeting women, … Continue reading


BVC Announces It’s Raining Angels and Demons by Jennifer Stevenson

MAN DROUGHT ENDS! Heaven doesn’t remember them, Hell doesn’t want them, and horny women are after them. Can the slackers teach Jeff and Mutt enough to satisfy the women they love? It’s raining angels and demons!

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Story Excerpt Sunday: From The Hinky Genie Lamp by Jennifer Stevenson

The Hinky Genie Lamp Hinky Chicago Book 4 by Jennifer Stevenson Inside the cavernous room, women in tights jogged around an oval track taped on the concrete. A set of cheap metal bleachers sat on one side. Jewel and Randy … Continue reading