Three Things I Learned This Week

Is gluten-free cat litter a thing? While browsing the website to read cat litter reviews—not something I normally do when bored, you understand—I saw this entry in the “ask questions” section. After a few muttered words of derision and … Continue reading



Anastasia Devlin is a virtual assistant, an invisible researcher and finder-of-all-things, known to her clients as a handle and a PO Box.  She’s also the daughter of a gorgeous, dysfunctional woman of many marriages & affairs who has spent a lifetime globetrotting and possibly spying for her country. At twenty-six Ana bolted, and has been hidden from her family for four years.

Then one morning she opens her door to find her nine year old sister Elizabeth Georgiana, I.E. EG for Evil Genius. And the plot just gets more tangled and crazy from there.

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A Trip to the “Village”

I just committed unnecessary travel during Covid. Interesting that the word “Covid” has become a noun in itself—one doesn’t need to add “era” or “pandemic” to it any more. It’s Covid and everyone knows what that means. An adjective or … Continue reading


CAFE READS: A HINKY TASTE OF YOU, by Jennifer Stevenson

I really enjoyed this book by Stevenson, but I’ll be firm here—the cute cover designed to match the other Hinky books?  Not quite right for me. This is not a romance, and not a comedy, although there is love, sexy … Continue reading


BVC announces Only A Paper Moon by Jennifer Stevenson

Only a Paper Moon by Jennifer Stevenson Seven corny short stories with happy endings Spy Beanie – Okay, fifty-one years is a looong foreplay. I Remember You – Memory makes our relationships meaningful – trust makes them strong. Value for … Continue reading