Author Interview: Nancy Jane Moore

Writer Nancy Jane Moore pursued both the law and martial arts with equal vigor, applying their lessons to many areas of her life. She found that questions of justice, fairness, and equality were extremely important to her. This led to her championing low income housing, food co-ops, and working as a legal editor. As she puts it, she didn’t become rich from the law. However, she is a fourth degree black belt in Aikido, both teaching the art and expanding her own knowledge of it. Here at Book View Cafe we suspect she is secretly a superhero.

Her approach to fiction is equally mind-bending.

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Worldbuilding With Horses: Ponies in Space!

Ha! Thought this would be all about fantasy and historicals (pre- included) and preindustrial societies, didn’t you? In the process of interacting with the public for my Kickstarter project, I’ve been riffing on (and offering to write a story about) … Continue reading