It’s Magic!

It’s hard to describe what the characters in my various MAGIC books can do. In the original historical versions, I was dealing with a Georgian setting where even the word “science” is suspect since it could refer to mathematics or phrenology. Magic was the only word I could use to describe heroines with mysterious gifts that are scientifically possible if you stretch your imagination just a little—you do realize dogs are capable of smelling cancer, don’t you?

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Escapism? Yes, Please! by Deborah J. Ross

One of the criticisms of genre fiction that amuses me most is that it’s escapism, as if that’s a bad thing. I think just the opposite. Nobody, except the unbelievably incompetent, escapes to jail. (I’m not talking about the chronically … Continue reading


The Surrender of Lady Jane by Marissa Day in Stores Today!

Giving in to the pleasure… Centuries ago, Sir Thomas Lynne was seduced by the faery queen Tatiana. He does her bidding while Tatiana’s magic keeps him young. Now she orders him to gain entrance to Kensington Palace, where he’s to … Continue reading