CAFE READS: Marian Halcombe, by Brenda Clough

Marian Halcombe: A Most Dangerous Woman picks up where Wilkie Collins’ famous The Woman in White leaves off. So a few words about The Woman in White. It first appeared in Dickens’ magazine All the Year Round from 1859-60, and is … Continue reading


BVC Announces Merely Magic by Patricia Rice

Merely Magic Magical Malcolms 1 by Patricia Rice “Patricia Rice employs wicked wit and sizzling sensuality to turn the battle of the sexes into a magical romp.” -Mary Jo Putney, NYT Bestselling author Can a cynical scientist and an illogical … Continue reading



Anastasia Devlin is a virtual assistant, an invisible researcher and finder-of-all-things, known to her clients as a handle and a PO Box.  She’s also the daughter of a gorgeous, dysfunctional woman of many marriages & affairs who has spent a lifetime globetrotting and possibly spying for her country. At twenty-six Ana bolted, and has been hidden from her family for four years.

Then one morning she opens her door to find her nine year old sister Elizabeth Georgiana, I.E. EG for Evil Genius. And the plot just gets more tangled and crazy from there.

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BVC Announces Entrancing the Earl by Patricia Rice

Entrancing the Earl School of Magic 5 by Patricia Rice Can an impoverished earl find treasure with the aid of a runaway bride and a ghost? … Continue reading


BVC Announces The Librarian’s Spell by Patricia Rice

The Librarian’s Spell School of Magic 4 by Patricia Rice Can a timid librarian and a bold engineer save a castle’s toppling tower of books? … Continue reading


BRIDGERTON and Regency Romance

  Regency romances have been a “thing” since the Silver Fork novels of the 1830s, which I suspect Georgette Heyer grew up reading. I started reading Heyer as a teen, which taste combined with my love of the Hornblower series by C.S. Forester and … Continue reading