The Fantasy of Writing Urban Fantasy

Patricia Rice here. Pardon while I puff my wings and crow a bit. Tomorrow is the release day for my very first genuine fantasy, written under the name of Jamie Quaid and called BOYFRIEND FROM HELL. It’s a Pocket release … Continue reading


Release Day! ETERNAL out today from BVC

Even after fifteen years of writing novels, having a new book come out gives me butterflies in the stomach.  Eternal is a young adult fantasy, a sequel to Immortal which came out about a year ago from BVC.  It was … Continue reading


It’s Magic!

It’s hard to describe what the characters in my various MAGIC books can do. In the original historical versions, I was dealing with a Georgian setting where even the word “science” is suspect since it could refer to mathematics or phrenology. Magic was the only word I could use to describe heroines with mysterious gifts that are scientifically possible if you stretch your imagination just a little—you do realize dogs are capable of smelling cancer, don’t you?

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