BVC Announces Welcome to Witchlandia by Steven Popkes

Five years ago, Katelin Loquess thought she had everything–love with David, a wonderful job, and the joy of flying. Now, David has left, the job is miserable, and the joy has disappeared. Then the murders start, and Katelin and David meet again. Each murder connected to them. Each one getting closer.

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BVC Announces Incident on a Small Colony by Kristine Smith

Incident on a Small Colony by Kristine Smith Jani Kilian–broke, tired, and on the run from the Commonwealth Service–hopes that a short stint working at a shipping company on an out-of-the-way colonial station will provide her some things she badly … Continue reading


Maya Bohnhoff on Writing Mary: a Shadow Conspiracy Confession

Back when we released the first of our Shadow Conspiracy anthologies, we ran a spoof April Fool’s Day sendup, Zombie View News. It included a blurb about my genesis story, “The Accumulating Man” . It read, in part: “I have … Continue reading


BVC Announces Moonstone Shadows by Patricia Rice

Moonstone Shadows Crystal Magic 7 by Patricia Rice Hannah Simon holds the library of her ancestors in her head, but she’s in danger of losing her steel-trap mind along with the information it holds. Her only hope is a legendary … Continue reading


BVC Announces Sunborn by Jeffrey A. Carver

Sunborn The Chaos Chronicles 4 by Jeffrey A. Carver Stars are dying. Bandicut and his friends must learn what threatens the Starmaker Nebula–and confront a billion-year-old adversary of life as they know it. John Bandicut and his companions are summoned … Continue reading