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Hold Onto the Light: Smile, Honey!

What do these two exhortations have in common? “Smile! And the world will smile right back.” “If you don’t stop pouting I’ll give you something to pout about.” Yep, in both cases, whoever is being spoken to is not happy. … Continue reading


I’ve got your back: longterm relationships in genre

Last Sunday, Steven Popkes talked about rewatching three old films. Briefly, he discusses how, viewed as an adult, the Thin Man films and His Girl Friday hold up, while the famous It Happened That Night, starring Clark Gable and Claudette … Continue reading


TOO LIKE THE LIGHTNING, and the Enchantment of Narrative Digression

                    I was recently rereading Maria Edgeworth’s two famous Irish novels, Castle Rackrent,  and The Absentee. Castle Rackrent was her first novel, and her shortest—and some consider it her best. The … Continue reading