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Why are kings the default government in many SF and fantasy novels?

    Two words, power and privilege. What’s not to like? What’s not to hate? Whatever those words power and privilege evoke to us, it’s usually not boredom. It’s tough to get away from the fact that human beings tend … Continue reading



This space opera/mystery, the first in the Chronicles of Nuala series, is just as much fun to read as it was when it first came out. Kimbriel has created a fascinatingly complex culture in the Nualans, who have adapted to a … Continue reading


Interesting Women in History – The Ones Skipped in Academic Histories

One of my favorite women of history is Liselotte von der Pfalz. Liselotte was properly styled Princess Palatine Elizabeth Charlotte, or, in German, Pfalzprinzessin Elisabeth Charlotte. She was born in Heidelberg, 27 May 1652, and died at Saint-Cloud, 8 December … Continue reading


CAFE READS: Win, Lose, Draw Cybers Wild Card 2, by Sara Stamey

The thing that stands out about Sara Stamey’s prose, for me, is how taut it is, while managing to convey an image-rich atmosphere while keeping the pace headlong. All her books are like that—running action and image in tight-wired tandem, … Continue reading


Liminal Stories: an interview with the author of The Inconvenient God

Francesca Forrest’s The Inconvenient God  is technically a novella (maybe even a novelette by some counts) but has been published as a slim book by Annorlunda Books, which specializes in shorter works. It’s an elegant book featuring a gorgeous cover by … Continue reading