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Flying by the Seat of Your Pants: Process and TIME OF DAUGHTERS

Talking about writing process, I learned the hard way, can be as tedious to uninvested listeners/readers as droning on about the history of a project, interlarded with character names and places without the listener having any idea who they are … Continue reading


Liminal Stories: an interview with the author of The Inconvenient God

Francesca Forrest’s The Inconvenient God  is technically a novella (maybe even a novelette by some counts) but has been published as a slim book by Annorlunda Books, which specializes in shorter works. It’s an elegant book featuring a gorgeous cover by … Continue reading


It Happened at the Ball

  Last summer after yet another wave of bad news, I found myself longing for escapist feel-good wish-fulfilment, and what is more indicative of escapist wish fulfilment than a ballroom filled with grand costumes, beguiling music, intrigue and romance? I … Continue reading


A keyhole into medieval life–Gillian Polack’s Langue[dot]doc 1305

Tired of generic medievaloid historical novels? How about reading one written by someone who has studied the period, and knows the real deets—with a plot you can’t predict? Gillian Polack’s Langue[dot]doc 1305 newly out from Book View Café, is about a … Continue reading