About Paul Piper

Paul S. Piper was born in Chicago a long time ago, and lived for extensive periods in Montana, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest. A retired librarian, he’s turned his life over to writing, traveling, and leisure. Paul has five published books of poetry, including Dogs and Other Poems (featured by Ted Kooser’s “American Life in Poetry”), contributed to numerous anthologies, and co-edited several books of essays. His fiction largely explores the effect of politics and/or technology on nature. http://www.paulspiper.com

CAFE READS: The Sea is Coming: A Collection from the Left Hand World, by Jill Zeller

I seldom read short stories anymore, yet when I do, I wonder why not. They offer such an array of experiences. Jill Zeller’s The Sea is Coming is no exception. The book is a diverse collection of unusual and fascinating … Continue reading