About Pati Nagle

Pati Nagle has written over twenty novels, two collections, and a mess of short fiction. Her latest novels are Kokopelli and the Virgin, a contemporary fantasy of miracles and visions in New Mexico, and As Red as Any Blood, the sixth Wisteria Tearoom Mystery under her byline Patrice Greenwood, from Evennight Books/Book View Café.

TRAINS: Writing on the Coast Starlight

My spouse loves trains, and he heard that one of the most scenic lines in the country is the Coast Starlight. This train runs between Los Angeles and Seattle, and much of its route is right along the coast, so: spectacular views. He wanted to try it, and I said sure… The happiest part of our particular trip was from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo, which is mostly right along the coast. Magnificent ocean views. Dolphins playing in the water. Wine and cheese tasting in the Parlour Car. Complimentary wifi to entertain the spouse while I wrote.

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