About Patricia Rice

Patricia Rice is an award-winning, bestselling romance writer who loves history and fantasy and thinks sometimes they're the same thing. Her most recent fantasy title is Damn Him to Hell and her most recent original romance title is Risk of Love and Magic, now available from Book View Café. You can reach her at her website or through Facebook or Twitter.

Politics and Religion, Take Two

Over at my romance blog, the Word Wenches, I just discussed politics and religion in romance. This is generally a very literate, erudite group of readers, and they basically concluded that yes, they’d like to see depth of character in … Continue reading


It’s Magic!

It’s hard to describe what the characters in my various MAGIC books can do. In the original historical versions, I was dealing with a Georgian setting where even the word “science” is suspect since it could refer to mathematics or phrenology. Magic was the only word I could use to describe heroines with mysterious gifts that are scientifically possible if you stretch your imagination just a little—you do realize dogs are capable of smelling cancer, don’t you?

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