About Patricia Rice

Patricia Rice is an award-winning, bestselling romance writer who loves history and fantasy and thinks sometimes they're the same thing. Her most recent fantasy title is Damn Him to Hell and her most recent original romance title is Risk of Love and Magic, now available from Book View Café. You can reach her at her website or through Facebook or Twitter.

BVC Announces Magic in the Stars

Magic in the Stars Unexpected Magic, Book 1 by Patricia Rice He’s a scientist who studies the stars. She’s an astrologer who predicts the future. Can a lonely witch save a handsome unbeliever from his own doom? As an astrologer, … Continue reading


History to Fantasy

As many of you know, as Patricia Rice, I’ve been published in historical romance since 1984. I’ve written westerns, Americana, Victoriana, Regencies, and paranormal historical romance well before any of those genres became popular. Historical romance has cycled through variations … Continue reading



I’ve always wanted to write about a mad librarian. Well, that’s probably a lie, but it’s hard to tell since I lie for a living. I’ve always admired librarians and wished I could spend my days surrounded by books—except librarians … Continue reading


Treacherous Creativity

BVC is releasing my original novel, Notorious Atherton, today, in print and e-book. It’s the third book in a series that originated with a major New York publisher. What you won’t see on release day is the behind the scenes … Continue reading