About Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Writer of speculative fiction as the result of a horrible childhood incident involving Klaatu and a robot named Gort, Maya is the New York Times Bestselling author of STAR WARS LEGENDS: THE LAST JEDI, and THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER. Her fantasy trilogy, The Mer Cycle, is available in print or eBook from the BVC Bookstore.

The Writing Life: Alien Eyes (Exercises in Creativity)

Last time, I promised some exercises in creativity. I’ve got several that I use to spark ideas and what makes them extra cool is that they don’t take much time or money.  You can do any one of them in … Continue reading


Exactly What I Wanted: More Sherlock Holmes! (Part Two)

Okay, last time I established that I looooooove Sherlock Holmes. I also mentioned that, to me, Jeremy Brett (of the BBC series) best captured Holmes’s voice to the extent that when I read a Holmes story, I automatically “cast” Brett … Continue reading


EVERGREEN: On Becoming a Professional Amateur # 16: Some Writing Safety Tips

To finish off this series, I’d like to offer a smattering of “safety tips” that have come out of the mentoring and workshops I’ve done over the years. Some of these I’ve come by as the result of struggling with … Continue reading