About Jill Zeller

The author of numerous short stories and novels, Jill Zeller lives near Seattle, Washington, with her patient and adoring husband, two English mastiffs, and one self-centered tuxedo cat. Her works explore the boundaries of reality. Some may call it fantasy, but there are rarely swords and never elves. More to the point, she prefers to write as if myth, imagination and hallucination were as real as the chair she is sitting on as she writes this. Maybe it is because she was raised as a Christian Scientist. Jill Zeller also writes under the pseudonym Hunter Morrison

What We Did–and Didn’t Do–Today

After we thoroughly dissected the current state of affairs, with name-calling like “that devilish asshole” and “radical rightie”, my friend and I could only repeat the two phrases that define the unsettled feelings we were left with: “What a mess” … Continue reading


Short Story Muscles

While discussing writing with a good—and excellent—writing friend, I felt inspired to write shorts again. The thing is, I had no ideas. That said, I remembered something a writer wrote about writing some years ago, paraphrased as “writing is like … Continue reading