About Jill Zeller

Author of numerous novels and short stories, Jill Zeller is a Left Coast writer, 2nd generation Californian, retired registered nurse, and obsessed gardener. She lives in Oregon with her patient husband, 2 silly English mastiffs and 2 rescue cats—the silliest of all. Her works explore the boundaries of reality. Some may call it fantasy, but there are rarely swords and never elves. More to the point, she prefers to write as if myth, imagination and hallucination are as real as the chair she is sitting on as she writes this. Jill Zeller also writes under the pseudonym Hunter Morrison

Of Wild Horses and Guns: Part 1, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

The husband and I spent a few days in Eastern Oregon this week. Why, you might ask, does anyone want to go to Eastern Oregon? It’s high desert, endless stretches of sage, bunch grass and cattle. Highway 20 from Albany … Continue reading


A Short Pandemic Tale, and Flowers

We committed social gathering yesterday. 6 people, four fully vaccinated, 2 partially, all of a generation fully cognizant of the risks and generally sensible people, but with the frustration, grief and monotony of the past 14 months getting the better … Continue reading


A Trip to the “Village”

I just committed unnecessary travel during Covid. Interesting that the word “Covid” has become a noun in itself—one doesn’t need to add “era” or “pandemic” to it any more. It’s Covid and everyone knows what that means. An adjective or … Continue reading


The Kool-aid Writers Drink, Part 1

[Vaccine update: Fully vaccinated!] Rather than speculate on upcoming travel plans, like wondering what it will be like to eat at a Palm Springs restaurant—outdoor dining? What steps are involved for eating while masked? How to assess for ventilation?—I am … Continue reading