About Deborah J. Ross

I began writing professionally in 1982 as Deborah Wheeler with Jaydium and Northlight, (and the omnibus edition, Other Doorways: Early Novels), and short stories in Asimov's, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy and Star Wars: Tales from Jabba's Palace. Now under my birth name, Ross, I have written an epic fantasy trilogy, The Seven-Petaled Shield. My collection Azkhantian Tales, includes four short stories set in that world. Book View Cafe also offers my nonfiction Ink Dance: Essays on the Writing Life.

Grimdark Fantasy and Hope for the Numinous

At first I thought the current fashion of dark, gritty fantasy – fantasy noir – is just that, a recent shift in popularity, like the explosion of angsty teenage vampire stories. If we take the long view, it’s an established … Continue reading


Windows into the Past: Fossils and Star Relics

Here’s a collection of recent science stories that deepen our understanding of the past, both here on Earth and in the heavens. ‘Treasure trove’ of dinosaur footprints found in southern England More than 85 well-preserved dinosaur footprints — made by … Continue reading


Herpes, PTSD, Organ Transplant Rejection, and Stars: Short Science Articles

How to make organ transplants last: New approaches try to train the body to welcome the replacement parts A discussion of various strategies to prevent rejection in transplanted organs:  Because transplanted skin has a high likelihood of provoking an immune attack, … Continue reading


Scientific Wonders, July 2018 edition

A potpourri of nifty discoveries to remind us, in the midst of so much political anguish, what an amazing universe we live in. Baby Snake That Lived Among Dinosaurs Found Preserved in Amber   Using uranium-lead dating, a research team … Continue reading