BVC Eats: Ya mutha’s chicken

This was one of my mother’s foolproof recipes. All Mom’s most edible dishes contained either corn or pork, except this one. I think she learned

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Author Interview: Shannon Page

Interviewed by Phyllis Irene Radford October, 2013 Shannon Page is Book View Café’s newest member.  Her collection of short fiction, Eastlick and Other Stories, marks

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Adulting gets real

So, my mom. Widowed almost ten years ago, with my dad having been the outside-facing part of that marriage – my mother is almost a

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The New Worlds series is brought to you by my imaginative backers at Patreon!

New Worlds: Death Sentences

Our previous tour through physical punishments, back in Year Four, stopped short of a rather crucial one: execution. (Content warnings for basically every form of

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