The Rambling Writer’s Italy, part 24: What Happened to Casanova?

Your Virtual Italy Vacation continues in Venice as Thor and I take the Secret Itinerary tour through the Doge’s Palace and the adjacent prison where Casanova was held. NOTE: Since European travel is still a no-go with the pandemic continuing, I’m … Continue reading


World War I Recipes that Don’t Inspire Giggles

Here’s more on the background research I did into life on the “home front” during World War I for What Lies Beneath. So I’ve been having fun being a tad snarky about food conservation recipes from the first World War … Continue reading


The Things People Say: Sentence-like Sequences of Words

Today, communication fans, I’d like to dismantle four sentence-like sequences of words that have something in common: muddled meanings caused by a poor (or possibly clever) choice of words. Who said them and with what intent is irrelevant to the … Continue reading


Three Things to Tell Your Teenage Writing Self: #1 Don’t bite the basketball

What worried me, as my teenage writer self set out to write my 150 novels, was that that was a lot of books. … So the first advice I would give that kid, speaking from my dizzying height of twenty novels published and five series is this: Don’t bite the basketball.

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