The Rambling Writer’s Hawaii, part 4: Lots of Lava!

Join Thor and me as we trek across a lot of lava on Hawaii’s Big Island and learn about the geology of the islands.

NOTE: Thor and I decided on a quick trip to Hawaii’s Big Island to stretch out summer a bit as our gray, rainy Pacific Northwest winter was closing in. The airline and all venues in Hawaii are being super careful with Covid precautions, and it was a wonderful getaway. If you didn’t catch my blog series about our first Big Island trip, it started April 24, 2021, and you can catch up on the full adventure, including a volcano, petroglyphs, snorkeling with wild dolphins, and a night swim with manta rays. And I promise I will finish the Retro Italy Vacation series soon.

You can’t let a little thing like hiking across broiling, sharp lava fields keep you from some amazingly serene coves for picnics and snorkeling! The native Hawaiians apparently ran barefoot over the jagged lava fields on the Big Island. I am grateful for shoes.

The Big Island is the youngest of the Hawaiian chain, and its still-active volcano is adding fresh lava flows to the existing layers. I appreciate the dramatic contrasts of black lava, greenery, and blue sea and sky, as well as the sea’s clarity without a lot of soil runoff. Thor, as a geologist, adds a further dimension to our rambles. Today he’ll weigh in on volcanic matters, but first a bit of Hawaiian history and beliefs.

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The Rambling Writer’s Hawaii, part 4: Lots of Lava! — 4 Comments

  1. The pix of the lava are fascinating. And that thunderous sky!

    Those last two were especially beautiful.

    The volcano data made interesting reading–especially the news that another volcano is on the rise. More real estate, woo!

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