This is … Something I Saw One Day …

While out for lunch with my youngest daughter, we beheld a gathering of blue and gold Macaws apparently chatting while their custodian is having a meal at Boulanger.

They are not tethered in any way, nor was their guardian anywhere in sight. He (or she) had gone into the restaurant for a bite … which is what would happen to any one brazen enough (and naive enough) to attempt to steal these glorious birds. Those beaks can crush a Brazil nut with no problem. Just imagine what they would do to sticky fingers.

My daughter noted that the truck matched the color of the Macaws’ tail feathers. A bold fashion statement.

We spent several minutes inventing alternatives to someone having driven to Boulanger with birds festooning their truck. Perhaps the birds didn’t arrive on the truck at all, but were flying over when they saw a rest stop whose color offered the appropriate camouflage. After all, they blend right in.

Perhaps there is no human driver and the birds are aliens out for a Saturday visitation and who did not realize that the chameleon circuit on their vessel and EVA suits had failed spectacularly.

I suppose we will never know.



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