Styles of the City: Wall Decor

There are more decorated walls in this region than I have ever seen! It is as if the creative impulse has to be expressed on every available surface.  Believe it or not, this wall of books is a parking garage. These seem to be images of real book spines, too. It is near the campus of the state university, and clearly the artists wanted to encourage study.

This next image is a mural. Many of the murals around town are completely baffling. What does this one mean? It doesn’t seem to be related to the stores nearby. It may have some personal meaning for the artist, or the person who paid to have the mural done. Or, since it’s out here for public view, it may depict something of local importance.



This last wall is easy to parse. It is in the sitting area of the educational shelter at a local park. And so the elaborate mosaics depict the trees and animals that you’ll be viewing as you hike the trails. These mosaics were executed by a local artist some years ago, and when you consider they’ve been out in the weather for years they’ve held up magnificently.





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