The Rambling Writer’s Hawaii, part 3: Exploring the Northwest End of the Big Island

Join Thor and me as our Hawaii trip continues with an exploration of the Big Island‘s northwest features.

NOTE: Thor and I decided on a quick trip to Hawaii’s Big Island to stretch out summer a bit as our gray, rainy Pacific Northwest winter was closing in. The airline and all venues in Hawaii are being super careful with Covid precautions, and it was a wonderful getaway. If you didn’t see my blog series about our first Big Island trip, it started April 24, 2021, to catch up on the full adventure, including a volcano, petroglyphs, snorkeling with wild dolphins, and a night swim with huge manta rays. And I promise I will finish the Retro Italy Vacation series soon.

The vog — irritating volcanic fog — was kicking up during the last part of our trip, as the Kilauea caldera was erupting again, so we decided to escape it and take a road trip around the northwest island loop. Starting with charming small Kona town, we admired the towering trees:

The colonial-style palace for Hawaiian royalty:

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The Rambling Writer’s Hawaii, part 3: Exploring the Northwest End of the Big Island — 5 Comments

    • Yes, it was interesting to drive around and look up at certain hillsides carpeted with houses on the gradual slopes that did provide views to the sea for all of them. Part of that “plop of gooey lava” island structure.

  1. I’ve heard it said that Hawaii is so beautiful you can point your camera randomly and get a great shot. (Not that I have much luck with that sort of thing–I’m more likely to get a blurry shot of my feet, or a closeup of the inside of someone’s nostril.)

    But these are lovely shots, especially that one of tiers of flowers along the roadside. Wow!

  2. Thank, Sherwood. A lot of the roads were lined with bougainvillea, seemingly blooming in every season when we’ve visited. Since I’m snapping photos with my small phone camera, sometimes I can’t actually see well what I’m capturing in the bright sunlight. Looking for a PC photo-editing program that can untilt those tilted horizons!

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