CAFE READS: Pause by Sara Stamey

Pause by Sara Stamey

Sara Stamey’s novel Pause is a triumph, a celebration of growth and perseverance. The protagonist, Lindsey Friedland, is the victim of a bullying father, Arlen, and an equally abusive ex-husband, Nick. She has learned to survive as a victim, but her liberation from Nick, via divorce, has left her in a paralysis of sorts. Where does she go from here? After a humorous series of absurd blind dates, she finds connection with old friend Newman, “Mr. Maybe,” who introduces her to possible new love and a spiritual path. Another potentially life-changing choice is offered: should she leave her job as a medical transcriptionist to pursue more fulfilling work as an environmental writer?

Through the novel she is loved and guided, sometimes mistakenly, by her two besties, Megan and Crystal. Her love of nature and activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming give her body and soul great sustenance, which she needs as she wrestles with ongoing family dramas: her two sisters in crisis; her father and his abusive relationship to Lindsey’s disabled mother Opal; the uncertainties of life as a midlife single woman. Through all this emotional trial-by-fire, Lindsey discovers and fortifies her own boundaries, yet ironically opens herself to the bounty and beauty life offers. Lindsey meets it on her own terms, those of a strong independent woman. Her future, likely full of challenges, is now greeted with courage and light.

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Paul S. Piper



About Paul Piper

Paul S. Piper was born in Chicago a long time ago, and lived for extensive periods in Montana, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest. A retired librarian, he’s turned his life over to writing, traveling, and leisure. Paul has five published books of poetry, including Dogs and Other Poems (featured by Ted Kooser’s “American Life in Poetry”), contributed to numerous anthologies, and co-edited several books of essays. His fiction largely explores the effect of politics and/or technology on nature.

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