The Rambling Writer: Another Day Seized!

In which Thor, Bear dog, and I seize the day as sun breaks through our Pacific Northwest autumn deluges.

“Carpe Diem” — “Seize the day” — we have been exhorted at least since the Roman poet Horace and the Greek philosopher Epicurus. Countless poets since have reminded us that life is fleeting, and pleasures must be enjoyed before they vanish. Andrew Marvel, in “To His Coy Mistress,” used this persuasion: “Now let us sport us while we may….” Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, Thor and I take that advice to heart, as sun breaks can be scarce from fall through gloomy gray winter. So when an afternoon of glorious sunshine recently broke out after weeks of wind and rainstorms — including deluges from “atmospheric rivers” off the Pacific — we loaded up Bear dog and our bikes and headed for one of our favorite rides along the shore of nearby Lake Whatcom.

Along the way, we delighted in the blaze of big-leaf maples still hanging onto their leaves.

Our moss-covered giants could have inspired Tolkien’s Ent trees in The Lord of the Rings.

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The Rambling Writer: Another Day Seized! — 4 Comments

    • Thanks, Sherwood. I wish we could send some of this over-abundance down your way. Our soil is so drenched that when the winds come whipping in, it’s a recipe for floods and losing trees on slopes. Still, better than droughts and wildfires.

  1. The last stretch of that trail is so quiet and serene. It is one of dozens of places I want some of my ashes to be strewn. Sara is going to have quite a job spreading them all if she outlasts me.

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