The Styles of the City: Murals

It may be the local architecture in Portland OR that promotes wall art. There seem to be large swathes of relatively smooth masonry walls easily visible from a distance. Walls like these may be left when an intervening building was demolished, or perhaps even never erected.

This one is especially fun because it combines paint with plantings. Some people are so creative that you have to wonder about drug use. I have seen people standing in front of this one trying to figure out what it means. What is Mr. Seashell Head doing with the stars he’s apparently netting? It’s enigmatic!

Finally we have all that flat unused art surface that is usually obscured by cars and bicycles. They paint the roads here too, to designate pedestrian space. This intersection is used by the farm market, and also for al fresco dining. There is enough asphalt art in town that I may be able to find enough images for an entire separate post.




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  1. Next time you’re in the Bay Area come down to SOMA (the South of Market district, where the American Bookbinders Museum is located). We have more street art–murals and otherwise–than you can shake a rat at. I can even give you a scavenger-hunt guide to it!

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