So – a bit of Award news…

Well, now so it’s official – it’s on their website – so I can blow the horn – “The Second Star” is a 2021 Washington State Book Award finalist…

(borrowing from an older image… but this one rather covers the bases…)

It didn’t win – but consider this: it is an unashamed genre book (my first “real” science fiction novel) and it was put out by a small press (the winner is a Harper Collins book…) and so it had a steep hill to climb – I believe I saw somewhere that this year’s field included 200 books, so it made it through that entire crowd and probably beat out some more “literary” contenders.

This is my second time as “bridesmaid” – my “Secrets of Jin Shei” made it into the finals of the Washington State Book Awards nearly twenty years ago now – maybe I’m getting closer, who knows. But there you go. Your piece of good news for the day.

It didn’t win but it’s a *genre novel that placed as a finalist in a literary book award field*. You can go to the Book Table on my website, if you’re so inclined, and pick up a copy from there…


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