The Rambling Writer Returns to the Mountains

After a year of way too many recuperation and rehab programs, Thor, Bear dog, and I return to the Mt. Baker Wilderness for a hike to Bagley Lakes.

NOTE: I will resume my Virtual Italy Vacation series, perhaps alternating with more outdoor excursions. Stay tuned!

I think at this point we’re all wondering what Twilight Zone unreality we’ve wandered into with the pandemic and other “crazy life” ordeals like my lung cancer surgery. For Thor, Bear dog, and me it’s been a particularly skewed scenario without our beloved hikes or snowshoeing in the nearby Cascade mountains. He’s finding a hiking solution with a prosthetic device that provides spring to compensate for his calf nerve damage, and after three years and various medical modalities, my torn hip tendon has finally healed. Now my P.T. program is designed to get me back in action. This week, with a beautiful day beckoning us to the mountains, we decided we needed to celebrate my one-year post-op clear lung scan by heading for an easy hike below Mt. Baker, the Bagley Lakes trail. (It only involved four times the distance I’m “allowed” at this phase.) I figured the healing air of the mountains, and dips in the “invigorating” (Thor says “freezing-ass”) alpine lake, would compensate for maybe overdoing it a bit….

A fairly easy trail, with lots of the columnar andesite formed by volcanic Mt. Baker (ahead but hidden behind Table Mt.) during some of its eruptions.

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The Rambling Writer Returns to the Mountains — 10 Comments

    • Yes, so far (fingers crossed) we’ve been very lucky — surrounded by areas with bad fires, but having only minor fires. And cool offshore breezes are mostly keeping the smoke away. We’re grateful!

    • SO glad we seized the day! And thank you for collecting snow on the way back so I could ice my hip — that and the cold dips did the trick.

  1. So glad that you three were finally able to take one of your lovely hikes. (4x might have been pushing it, but I hope you are happy tired and nothing continues to complain.)

    May you have a good snowy winter to help replace that ice pack!

    • Thanks, Cat! I was pretty careful, and the icy lake and actual ice calmed down any inflammation. Still feeling good a few days later, so hurrah! And thanks for the upcoming snowpack wishes. We’ll be in real trouble in the Pac NW if climate-change predictions hold true, and we don’t get our traditional snow packs.