Island Life: Oprah Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

West Beach at sunset. Not Oprah’s place.

Well, technically, Oprah never lived here; but she did buy a pretty nice house on the island three years ago. It was big news at the time, and we islanders enjoyed speculating about running into Ms. O on the ferry, or at the grocery store…even though we knew we never would.

Then there was a pandemic, and nobody ran into anybody, anywhere, for over a year.

And now we’ve just learned that she’s sold the place. She made a tidy profit on the deal, though–bought for $8.3 million, sold for $14 million. (That second article did mention some remodeling, so I guess it wasn’t all profit.)

Even so. I thought I was a savvy real estate investor, when my Portland house appreciated enough in seven years for us to make the move here. But the word “million” didn’t enter into either of those equations.

Not that I’m complaining. I like our house.

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