The Rambling Writer Visits Kauai: Highlights

Join Thor and me for highlights of a quick trip to the island of Kauai.

NOTE: After way too many months without travel, Thor insisted on an R&R escape to Hawaii this April. He’d been keeping on eye on the very careful Covid-19 precautions in the islands, and the testing required before flying there. And now that we’re both fully vaccinated, we took the plunge – literally, for some snorkeling in the healing sea, as well as exploring the Big Island and Kauai. After this detour (series started April 24), I’ll finish my Virtual Italy Vacation series resuming next week.

After Thor and I left the Big Island, we enjoyed a brief stay on the beautifully lush island of Kauai. Since I was still challenged with my hip injury, I couldn’t hike, which meant missing a big part of what the island offers in natural beauty, but we managed a few snorkeling outings and revisited the rim of the impressive Waimea Canyon.

It’s hard to capture the grandeur and serenity of this magical place. Except for the occasional tourist helicopter (boo-hiss), we heard only the wind and birdcalls. It’s especially magical to watch the white tropicbirds gliding along the walls.

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The Rambling Writer Visits Kauai: Highlights — 7 Comments

  1. In a few weeks, our household is going to Kauai for a month! Over that time various friends and family members will visit for shorter periods of time. This will be our third trip there and I’m so looking forward to it. (This trip was scheduled for 2020, but you know how that went!)

      • We’re staying in Koloa (technically), but close to Poipu Beach. As for plans, the Kauai Museum is excellent and admission gets you two days to do it. The Kauai Humane Society thrift shop is worth a visit. Food trucks in Koloa proper are in the plan. A visit to the Westernmost Book Store in the US. And the Saturday farmers market at Kauai Community College where they have bushel baskets of fresh ginger among all sorts of other fresh produce.

        And as guests come, they’ll have input too.

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