The Styles of the City: Bricks

It’s always cheapest to build with local materials. France is a stony country, and so many villages are built entirely out of the local stone. This makes for a local ‘look’ that’s very pretty — all the houses are of cream colored limestone, or gray granite, or whatever.

But if you have no useful stone near by? The cheapest options are always the close ones, because it’s so costly to haul building materials. And around here the favorite construction material is brick.

An ancient and delightful material, brick is essentially fired clay. This means that brick has all the plasticity and variety of clay, and can be fired to be as tough as porcelain. It’s not structural the way stone is, but you can get some glorious effects. Have a look at that first photograph, where the clay tile is imitating the classic egg-and-dart carving that is usually executed in marble.  Or you can use it to take the place of the fancypants marble frieze that you can’t at this moment afford, in the fourth and fifth images.

A great deal of this brickwork, in downtown Portland OR, was done during the Great Depression. You could keep a lot of skilled brickworkers alive by maxing out the fancy stuff on a big building. The third image, a Christian Scientist church, was built precisely to employ people. Essentially it’s a cathedral in brick.



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The Styles of the City: Bricks — 4 Comments

  1. Nice photos! I was surprised by all the brick construction in Portland, when I moved there from San Francisco. Portland really has that “old city” feel.

  2. I love your eye for detail in your building series. Gorgeous brick effects here! And so nice that they were giving work to folks — we need more of that now.

  3. It’s lovely to see all the ornamental brickwork in your photos, in the patterns, the playing with light and shadow, and the special shaped ornamental borders. These master bricklayers could really take pride in their work!