The Rambling Writer Visits the Big Island, Hawaii, part 8: Petroglyphs!

Join Thor and me as we walk among thousands of petroglyphs carved in lava beds by native Hawaiians.

NOTE: After way too many months without travel, Thor insisted on an R&R escape to Hawaii this April. He’d been keeping on eye on the very careful Covid-19 precautions in the islands, and the testing required before flying there. And now that we’re both fully vaccinated, we took the plunge – literally, for some snorkeling in the healing sea, as well as exploring the Big Island and Kauai. After this detour (series started April 24), I promise I’ll finish up my Virtual Italy Vacation series soon!

I am a big fan of petroglyphs — they figured prominently in my Caribbean suspense novel Islands, which happens to be on half-price special this month — and I’ve gone out of my way to visit them whenever I’ve had a chance. During my scuba divemaster sojourns in the Caribbean, I heard suggestions that these mysterious, usually undated carvings in stone were connected to spiritual “power spots.” When I worked as divemaster in the Honduran Bay Islands, there was a large, spiral-carved glyph behind my shoreside cottage. Since the island had no roads, locals got around in dinghies, following a predictable route through the shallow corals inside the reef. Almost without fail, the motors would cough and die as the boats passed the glyph. Hmmm. But I digress….

I couldn’t miss the chance to see some of the roughly 23,000 petroglyphs the native Hawaiians had carved in a 400-700 year-old lava bed below the Kilauea volcano that we visited in last week’s post. Luckily, the new eruption of 2018 had spared these historic petroglyphs! And this friendly Nene — one of the protected endemic birds — urged us to drive just a bit farther to see the glyphs.

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    • Phyl, yes, Thor and I visited the Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas (if that’s the same place you mention). As you say, those were pictographs (paintings versus carvings). What a fabulous and otherworldly place that was — and such a contrast to the glitz of Las Vegas.

  1. These are fascinating petroglyphs. The patterns in the lava is equally fascinating.

    I love petroglyphs too–I’ve pulled off the road when crossing the continental divide to follow ‘petroglyph’ signs. They are ALWAYS worth it.

    Looking forward to self_LED light lit manta rays!

  2. Smooth rock faces are irresistible to humans; just have to leave a mark!

  3. ‘Kilroy was here’!
    The impulse is timeless and may be responsible for the many stone age hand prints.