Of Wild Horses and Guns: Part 3, Oregon Wild Horse Corral

Seeing the wild mustangs of the Oregon Wild Horse Corral in Hines was one of my primary reasons for visiting Eastern Oregon. I’d hope to see the famous Kiger mustangs, but they make rare appearances in the corral. And there were no wild burros, either, to the husband’s disappointment. Instead, as we followed the self-guided auto tour—a gravel road encircling the corrals—I saw pintos, palominos, roans, bays, blacks and buckskins.

I took dozens of photos, of course, and two videos of the mares and foals. The best of these are available for view on my website. I also strongly recommend the Wild Horse Corral’s Flickr page, for dozens of fabulous photos, including photos of Kigers. And burros.

Rather than summing up the controversial issue of wild horse management—rather mis-management by the Bureau of Land Management—I’ll just post another link. In a four-part series, NatGeo writer and producer Ben Masters interviews Barry Perryman, a rangeland ecologist at University of Nevada in a 2017 article. In addition Masters’ 2015 film “Unbranded” gives loving attention to the plight of the wild mustang. It’s available to rent on Amazon, but I suggest checking your local library, or look into the website Kanopy, where you can get a free account though your local library.

Enjoy, as I did immersing yourself in the world of our wild horses!



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